Welcome to the Just Miatas Website
"I just bought your book (my first
Miata book!) and I totally enjoyed it!  I
want to buy a Miata someday (once
my daughter graduates college) and
your book was a great way to start my
adventure into miatadom!"
Reader's comments on the Just
Miatas book::
...it's not your typical Miata book,
which is why I bought it.   This was a
great book for someone who has
been recently bitten by the Miata
bug as you explain the ups and
downs of buy. fixing and selling
them.  I was up until 1AM reading
this book last Friday
I just posted a review of the book
on Amazon
I'm glad you stopped by.  This is not an ordinary Miata site.

This is my story of restoring hundreds, maybe thousands of first
generation Miatas for over a decade. The cars, the hunt, the
transformation and the people is what this book is about.

I bought scruffy old Miatas and restored them. I fixed them, made them beautful and flipped
them. We made a lot of people very happy and shared some Miata smiles  I've probably met
more Miata people than most. Excited, jazzed up new owners! (You know what I mean, if
you're a Miata person. If you're not, why are you here? ;)

Feel free to browse the site. It's mostly stories and pictures of gorgeous cars! Meet some other
Miata people. There are articles from newsletters in Sacramento club, Bay Area and even
Muskokee, Canada. There is almost no technical or racing information.. Just Miatas, people
and all the cool flips.

Terese Mac Davis