This was the photo shoot when I sold the Zippy Red 90 the first time. Read in the Articles section about The Zip coming
back to me, after a hard two years as a commuter car. I was eager to buy this car back when the owner called me. I knew it
was in terrible shape and needed
lots of TLC. But I also knew what a special car it had been. It needed almost another full
restoration. This little guy had been worked hard and put away wet.  

When I finished saving his life, Zip looked and drove like his old self. He hadn't lost his speed or agility. He went from being
scruffy and filthy to being beautiful again. I was even able to use the same pictures the second time around. You can read
his story by clicking on 'index to articles' and selecting.

Zippy red 90 Miata

Zippy little red 90 Mazda Miata. Classic sportscar, 5 spd., 133k mi, A/C, premium sound CD w/headrest speakers,
American Racer wheels. Never been in an accident... California car from day one. Gets 30 mpg with regular. Excellent
condition inside and out. Very clean.  Clean CARFAX and smog report.
All maintenance up to date, including new valve cover gasket and distributor 0-ring, heater hose, clutch slave cylinder,
belts good, timing belt... New rear brakes, front at 70%.