Just Miatas Reunion Party and Book Launch
                                                   April 14, 2012
The Tequila Sunrise is awaiting his guests. Stacked and
ready for company!
Me, Carolyn (she's in the book) and Tessa, I think.
More Miata folks. This couple came down from Sacramento. He's
bought three cars from me and is also the proud 93 LE owner (it's in
the book, with pictures). ;)
The Home Office is all decked out for a PARTY.-!!!!  Yes the neighbors do think I'm a little
peculiar, but they've enjoyed seeing all the cars.
The Miatas started arriving. We were going to stack them facing the street.  Then the party
started happening and the rest of the cars parked any old way.
This was the 92 Sunburst Yellow that went through a three page check list before the lady
bought it (of course it's in the book). That was 10 years ago. She came over from the Bay Area.
Her car looked great .. I had a stroll around it and didn't even notice it at first ... there was
something about her car....
I was a little surprised to see the shark teeth (no, they're not in
the book). Then I remembered, she's a lawyer. This is her own
private lawyer joke.
I miss having way too many Miatas! But I like having my two just
fine, thank you very much!
click here to read all about it !!
Maybe we'll have another Miata
party next year!