Index to Cars

90 Zippy Red A
91 Silver Graphics Car
92 Gallery Edition
93 Limited Edition My Most Unique Car
94 Laguna Blue AT #2
94 Laguna Blue AT w stylebar        
94 Red AT
95 black and tan The Beast
95 M Edition AT
96 Montego Blue A
97 M Edition
97 Montego Blue with Chrome
97 Triple Black w Chrome
Tequila Sunrise Cars
My Two

                 Let's See Some Cars!

Although I have trouble remembering to take 'before' pictures, I always
remember to take the 'after' pictures.  Probably all of the cars go on Craigslist,
and then I decide whether to run an ad in the paper and get it on or
run it in Autotrader.  If it's a real special car, like the 93 LE, I'll put it on too.  Here are some of my favorite cars.  Most, if not all, are in the
Just Miatas, the Book.

So take a minute to enjoy looking at some beautiful cars.