The Mini-Miata Run with the Sacramento Miata Club

by Terese Mac Davis

Some of the Mini drivers had had a Miata and were members of both clubs, which is how this run came about.  I've been on runs with SAMOA and they were fun, fast sometimes and always beautiful.  They've all been very well
organized.  On this run there were a LOT of cars ... maybe 30 or 50?  It was about equally split with Minis and Miatas.  There were also some OTMs.  I'd never heard of those ... Other Than Miata.  Seems old Miata people
sometimes run with the Miatas, even if they now have a different car, because they all like each other.  

This was the biggest run I'd been on.  I brought a 92 Sunburst Yellow.  Had I known how they drive, I would have brought something stronger, like the  95 R car.

I'm here to say that Mini drivers are crazy.  We were tearing up and down the valleys and hills and curves, taking a 15 mpg turn at 60. It was a little much for me.  I was totally outclassed.  I don't drive that hard and I'm not good at it.  
And then there was the matter of who was supposed to gas up the car before we left.   When on a big run like that, you can't turn off to get gas, because the rest of the run will follow you.  This is very embarrassing.  I speak from

It was a wild, hairy run, but also lots of fun and everyone was really enjoying their cars.  Some of those Miata drivers were pretty crazy, too, and they held their own with the newer Minis.  I loved the old Mini Coopers that were
around in the 60s and 70s.  
This is us, me and Jimmy in 2nd Yellow, my 92 Sunburst Yellow.  
I also had a 1st Yellow at the same time.
Here we are, behind this striped Mini.  Don't know who the blue
Miata is, but we were following that Mini for a looonng time.  Crazy
Here we are, over
This is what I remember when I was a teenager.  After all these
years, I'm not sure if it's a Mini Cooper or a Morris Minor.  I saw this
British sports cars?  When we stopped seeing them, they had This is
what I remember when I was a teenager.  After all these stopped
exporting to the US because we had some new stupid bumper laws.  
Now look what we have -- huge ass cars.  (Just a bumper laws.  Now
look what we have -- huge ass cars.  (Just a personal
opinion.)personal opinion.)
Copyright@2011 by Terese Mac Davis