My So-Called Retirement

by Terese Mac Davis

I'm enjoying my retirement from the Miata restoring endeavors. Unlike my friends, I didn't exactly know I was going to
retire…just happened. Kinda like getting laid off. We've all seen a lot of that. When the economy tanked, I was left with
eight beautiful, finished Miatas,,,for ten months. And paying insurance on them.

My run actually outlasted the dealership by almost a year. In the last year before the very last year, people needed to
park their no-mileage monsters and find a smarter way to commute. They needed Miatas! The last year was pretty
good, and then bam! All those commuters lost their jobs, the Miata only holds two people and becomes the third car.
I waited it out til the summer and then started moving them out. I was losing so much on insurance, I had to give super
deals and was lucky to find the right people for the cars.

At the same time, Jimmy‟s mom moved in with us and we went a new direction. I had eventually needed to retire anyway,
and threatened to occasionally. I knew what I wanted to retire with,,, at least two of my most favorite Miatas!
After spending six weeks in Wales with my daughter and brand new grandson, I started my projects. The BlueBerry is a
94 automatic A package (I know, automatics!! Wait til you‟re my age…and can have a 5-speed, too).

I found a complete power window assembly on craigslist, got Jimmy to promise to put it in, and bought it. I had bought a
chrome style bar for it the year before. And I wanted air horns!!! Just like my Fiat had.
So Jimmy put in the power windows (just as easy as everyone says), and my mechanic, Jeff put in the air horns. Jimmy
and I are going to put on the stylebar before our weekend run. It‟s also getting a cold air induction K&L. Why not? Give
the old AT a little extra vroom.

                                                      Room with a view!

The Tequila Sunrise was also to get a cold air induction (which I thought it already had, but didn't) and an air horn. Jeff
(our mechanic) calls me and says, “Terese, did you know it already has an air horn?” What? I can't believe I've had that
car for
two years and never honked the horn! And it sounds just like the Fiat! Its also got the cold air induction and
roars like a proper beast now, when I floor it….my favorite position.

I mentioned our weekend run. We have our own little unofficial Miata Club, Just Miatas of Riverbank, which consists of
all our Miata friends and family and lots of people who have gotten Miatas from me and live locally.  So, most of the cars
in the run are my babies!

This weekend we're going to Daffodil Hill. Jeff, our Mazda mechanic, says his hot rod club is going there, too. Might be a
few car and bike clubs there.

We do three or four runs a year with our little group. No newsletter or dues, just  "ya wanna go‟? This year will be our
5th Annual Twaine Harte Street Faire run and our 4th Annual Garre Winery run. We usually have between 5 and 13
cars…one year the Garre Run was 6 red Miatas and one Montego Blue!
This was one of our first Twaine Harte runs


It's nice to see these people again. I was there when they bought their Miata! I experienced it with them. It was so fun to
see my cars, too. of course. We trade Miata stuff, and a few lies.

This year, I'll be able to compete in 'the most done to the car since you've had it’ contest. I've added all kinds of
goodies, and both my cars are going. Some good friends who used to have a Miata are going to drive the Tequila and
I'm going to drive the BlueBerry with Jimmy as my co-pilot.

This April (2012) our book is being released. It‟s called “
Just Miatas, How I Buy, Restore, and Sell”. This is a non-
technical, entertaining and informative look at the world of restoring and saving these delightful cars. There are tips on
buying a car, how to get your car ready to sell, what to look for, and how to fix a few things.

One thing I've learned...there are a lot of us out there! Miata buffs, fanatics, racers, mods and performance enthusiasts,
but they're all starting with a Miata!

I've been considering doing more specialized cars, custom stuff, hmmm. I feel a little inspiration coming on.
Maybe something more along these lines.  This is a guy in Switzerland who sent me a picture of his car. It is so, I
hesitate to use the word 'cute' on a guy‟s car, but, what? Cool? Yeah, that‟s it. This is the kind of thing I'd like to play
with next time, maybe. See the little alp to the right, below?

Copyright@2011 by Terese Mac Davis
This is the backside of
Carolyne, our club
photographer. 98 lbs.
and hair down to her
She's had several
Miatas and is part
of the team
Here we are at a rest stop. There's the
Tequilla Sunrise and Ruby Red is up
I'm looking at you, Kid.
                             Heinz Zurcher