MY New Sexy Red Boots and Wrap
                                     from Redline GOODS

by Terese Mac Davis

I'm getting cool new stuff for my car! I looked through our sponsors and found Redline
Goods and loved their work. I ordered a set of boots and a steering wheel wrap for my Tequila Sunrise
                                           The Red Boots and Wheel Wrap Project

The Tequila Sunrise got his new red leather boots! And today I put them on. I posted a note on the forum
about my new project. I’m calling it a mod even though it’s a very small mod. There are those of us Miata people who
are not mechanics, but we love our Miatas, too and enjoy our own style of working on our cars.

This was my post on the Forum at in the “What did you do with your NA today?”

Today 02:43
just miatas        Today was a big day for us. I ordered a beautiful mod for the Tequila Sunrise (TQ) from and we're getting the custom red perforated leather shift boot with black piping, a smooth red
Italian leather steering wheel cover with black stitching that covers the spokes, too, and a solid red e-brake boot with
black piping. We were thinking of red and yellow, but it's got enough color and I don't want it too busy.

Redline Goods is one of our sponsors and their product looks amazing. Take a look at their  website. www.

But that's not all I did today with my NA. I also took the Blueberry to one of my favorite picture spots in town and took
pictures. One will be on the cover of the book and one set of all the way around pics is going to be an animated car
for my site. It'll drive forward, turn around and drive back across the page.

Here are the boots. My photography is not near as good as the Redline catalog, but they look exactly like the catalog
in person. The leather is very nice.

I backed the TQ into the carport and put the top down and cranked the music up.  Just like old times, sittin’ there
working on my car and watching the neighborhood. It’s still February, though, and it’s cold and windy (it says 63
degrees, but I don’t believe it).  Now, to work.

First I took off the shift knob. Then the console came off. There are 5 screws; 2 on either side on the lower front, one
in the cupholder/ashtray bay, and 2 in the console compartment.  I undid the two connectors, one for the power
windows and one for a light. Then I lifted up on the front bottom edges of the console next to the bezel and eased up
a few inches to clear the bezel.

Next I opened the console compartment and guided the two levers for trunk and gas through the opening as I slid the
console forward and then over the shift stick and off altogether. The next step was to unscrew the old boot frame and
remove the old boot. Or in my case, it was only a year old. I’ll find a car to put it on.


No, that’s not it.    After more than a few tries.        

It took a few minutes to figure out which way it went. I’ve done these before and I always have to work it out again. But
I finally got it on the frame, the frame screwed back under the console, the console slipped over the shift and the
connectors connected and the two levers in the console bay slid through and pushed it down gently until it seated. I
put the 5 screws in the console and the shift boot was done.

Now for the brake boot.

That was easy!  Here's the whole package


Looks pretty good, huh? Now I might get some red leather and do the door panels .

Copyright @ 2012 by Terese Mac Davis