The Zippy White 91

By Terese Mac Davis

Every once in a while I come across an exceptional Miata. It doesn’t have any extra accessories, it’s just a little quicker,
more agile and stronger. In my 12 years of NA Miatas, I’ve only come across two or three that were ‘special’ in this way.  
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some dynamite Miatas, but these are just regular Miatas that were way above average.

One of my friends asked me to sell his Miata for him. He’d bought it new, 21 years ago. He was losing his eyesight and
couldn’t drive anymore. He’d loved it and babied it and garaged it … he courted his wife in it. It was hard.

I knew as soon as I drove it that this was one of ‘them’. .. the special ones. This little car was perfect. Perfect original
paint, one small indent behind the door and gorgeous. Bare stock, and it only had 57k miles on it. And it was fast, and
quick in the turns and had plenty of pep. It was a little rocket! I loved it.

It’s a fact of life that people outgrow the Miata.  It sometimes needs to be sold. These are the cars I take on
consignment, mostly cars I have restored and sold. The majority of these cars are in excellent condition and beautiful
already, but some might need a little touch up. I won’t take on a car that I can’t fix.

You don’t want to take your beloved Miata to a dealership, none of your friends is interested, and you dread having to
advertise it, talk to idiots, and do test drives. If you can’t sell it yourself, the next best thing is to have another Miata
enthusiast sell it.

I love selling Miatas. It’s so much fun to see the excitement and sometimes see the actual moment of falling in love.
That was the case with the Zippy White 91. This one was an easy sell. We drove up to Sacramento and picked up the
car. The drive home was wonderful. I advertised it on Craigslist after I dropped it off to my mechanic, Jeff.

Then the calls started coming in. You know you’ve priced a car right when you get a lot of calls. I couldn’t show it the
first day because Jeff had driven it to work. Several young men wanted to see it immediately.  I figured I could show it
the next day at Jeff’s house. He was still checking and fixing things, but I could drive it.

I made tentative appointments for the next day. Then a young man called back. Tom said he knew this was the car he
had been looking for. He’d had Miatas before. and offered a deposit over the phone. I’ve done this myself when I knew
it was going to be a good car. He said he could meet me at Jeff’s at 9 am the next day, ready to buy.

I told Jeff to finish the things he’d started and a couple of things that really needed to be done and zip it up.

Tom and his girlfriend drove down from Sacramento to Riverbank.. I knew and he knew that this was his car. He test
drove it and I took his girlfriend on a ride in it and they both loved it. He bought it on the spot. It was so clean and so
zippy (no other word).


Since I had dropped the car off to Jeff on the way home from picking it up,  we all went to the smog station and did the
smog and then to AAA to switch the title. They had driven 90 miles from Sacramento and he had to leave by 11 to get
to work. He texted me the next day from work and said, yes, he was still grinning.

He had the time of his life buying that car, and so did I. I told the previous owner all about the young guy who bought
his car and loved it and would enjoy it as much as he himself  had 21 years ago.

I checked in with Tom a week later to see how things were going and he’s still happy as a new Miata owner. The car
has a personality and just sparkles with fun,

He’s going to get his free membership in SAMOA and start doing some driving. Of course he’s thinking of all the things
he can do to it. So you guys in SAMOA watch for a guy with a white 91 perfect car .. he’ll show up.

The down side of this story is the two guys who really wanted it and didn’t get it. I had to sympathize with them. I’ve also
been the one who watched the car drive away. BUT it’s much better to be the one driving it.

Copyright @ 2012 by Terese Mac Davis